(形容詞) 讓人欲罷不能地狂吃的或狂看的 (尤指食物或電視節目)。亦寫成 binge-able

Fast-forward another decade, and we're living in a golden age of binge-watching, as streaming video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus replace DVDs as the binger's medium of choice. If you get caught up in "Breaking Bad" (or any number of other bingeable shows), good luck extracting yourself.
—Ben Zimmer, "Keeping a Watch on 'Binge-Watching'," Word Routes, August 9, 2013

"The next interesting step I think is the binge-able documentary, where stories are watched in multi-part episodes adding up to five or six hours instead of as a single two-hour film," said Andrew Jarecki, the Oscar-nominated director of the well-regarded nonfiction feature "Capturing the Friedmans."
—Steven Zeitchik and Dawn C. Chmielewski, "Netflix enters Oscar race with move into original documentaries," Los Angeles Times, November 5, 2013