(名詞) 極度多元化,極度多樣性 - 尤指不同種族混雜在一起。亦寫成 super-diversity
superdiverse (形容詞):極度多元的,極度多樣的。

To coincide with the unveiling of the new artwork, Tate Britain will host a debate, tomorrow...exploring the legacy and impact of multiculturalism in the context of the arts in Britain today. Is multiculturalism a spent force that promotes cultural disharmony? What does multiculturalism mean in a context of globalisation and 'superdiversity'?
—"HMS Victory returns to Trafalgar Square," Greater London Authority, May 24, 2010

The UK's population is more complex than ever with one in eight people now living in England and Wales having been born overseas.

Social scientist Dr Jenny Phillimore, from the University of Birmingham, said: "Diversity is being replaced by superdiversity."
—"'An era of superdiversity': Now 1 in 8 was born overseas," Daily Express, June 13, 2013