(形容詞) 廉價、容易及快速安裝的。亦寫成 plunkable。這個字是由 plonk + -able 拼綴而成。

註:Plonk 這個動詞意為「扔下某物; 重重放下某物 (並發出砰的聲響)」。

Fortescue proposed the idea that the time for big "plonkable" sculpture has passed.
—Gina Fairley, "You can't put that there…the Public Art dilemma," ArtsHub, March 26, 2015

His team's aim is to produce CSP technology that will be cheap and quick to install. "We are developing plonkable heliostats. Plonkable means that from factory to installation you can just drop them down on to the ground and they work."
—Jeffrey Barbee, "South African team may have solved solar puzzle even Google couldn't crack," The Guardian (London), August 24, 2015