(名詞/形容詞) 認為目前全球暖化趨勢是由人為因素所造成的人 (的)。亦寫成 global warmist。這個字原本是個中性詞,但在大約 10 年開始發生變化,現在則幾已完全被用作貶義詞。

The road to Copenhagen has proved to be a rocky one. This past fortnight, ahead of the climate-change summit that starts in the Danish capital on Monday, the air has been thick with pejorative cries of "warmist" and "denier". The former are those who subscribe to the view that the increase in the Earth's temperature in recent decades is the fault of man's profligate use of the planet's fossil fuels; the latter may or may not dispute that the temperature is rising, or that it is in some way man's fault, but are certainly not convinced that dramatic remedial action is required.
—"Copenhagen climate summit: A time for ingenuity and political leadership," The Daily Telegraph, December 5, 2009