global weirding

(名詞) 全球極端或不可預測之天氣狀況的次數和範圍逐漸增加。

There's a broad scientific consensus that climate change will bring us a wide variety of freakish weather in the years ahead. Tom Friedman, the New York Times columnist, likes the term "global weirding" to describe what’s happening and what's coming. So do I. And what we're experiencing right now is just an overture to the loud, raucous, percussion-heavy climate symphony that lies ahead for us.
—Bob Keeler, "The Earth is speaking, folks, and it's angry," Newsday, November 12, 2012

She explains that cold-weather conditions have prompted some confusion over the use of the phrase "global warming." In the US, where it is used more often, some advocates suggest replacing it with the term "global weirding."
—Sarah Shearman, "Lessons learned from a decade of climate change messaging," PR Week, February 21, 2014