(名詞) 表面謙虛,其實也在誇耀自己的財富、名望和重要性的話。亦寫成 humble-brag, humble brag

And for anybody wondering about his fiscal fitness, before "Fields of Gold," Sting explained that he came up with the song after buying a "house," then stopped the tale to add a clarifying humblebrag: "It was a castle, really."
—Dave McKenna, "In concert: Sting at Constitution Hall," The Washington Post, October 31, 2011

In Paris, superproducer Marin Karmitz had money and wasn't afraid to spend it to help Kieslowski make a trilogy both artful and lavish. (Karmitz humblebrags in an interview on these discs that, during Red, he was taken to the cleaners by a Geneva woman whose apartment was to be the heroine's; Karmitz put her up in the city's most expensive hotel, all expenses paid, for two months.)
—Dan Kois, "The White Stuff," Slate, November 15, 2011