damp down; decide on/upon; die back; dig out; dig up

damp * down +
冷靜下來;使 (興趣、熱情等) 降低,抑制 (強烈的情緒等)
They tried to damp down the anger over the announcement.

damp * down +
使 (火勢) 減弱
They tried to damp down the flames before the fire spread.

decide on/upon +
Peter spent a long time looking at flats before he bought one, but eventually decided on one near his work.

die back
(植物) 枝葉枯萎 (但根部仍活著)
The plant dies back in the winter.

dig * out +
找出,翻出 (長時間未用或未見之物)
I dug out my old university essays.

dig * out +
They had to dig the survivors of the earthquake out from the ruins.

dig * up +
挖掘 (新聞、秘密或真相);發現
The reporters eventually dug up the truth about the affair.

dig * up +
The police dug up a body.

dig * up +
挖 (路);挖 (洞)
They've been digging up the road outside my house.