group coupon

(名詞) 團體折價券。

The recession has bred a new type of coupon: the group coupon. In recent months, several Web sites have launched in the District and nationwide giving customers discounts on restaurant meals, sporting events, spa treatments, golf outings — pretty much any expenditure that many people give up during economic downturns. The catch is that the coupon only applies if a certain number of people use it.
—Nancy Trejos, "The Humble Coupon Joins Social-Media Web," The Washington Post, September 1, 2009

There's power in numbers. Nobody understands that better than the 20,000-plus members of — a new online group coupon service — in the District. The basic idea is that features one great deal each day — such as 50 percent off a one-night stay at a local hotel — which will happen only if enough people sign up for it. (The number varies by day and deal.) In other words, consumers don't get charged unless critical mass is achieved.
—Gabriella Boston, "Site leverages power of group purchases," The Washington Times, July 8, 2009


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