(名詞) 糖尿病患不打胰島素來強迫減肥所造成的飲食失調。這個字是由 Diabetes (糖尿病) 和 bulimia (暴食症) 拼綴而成。
diabulimic (名詞;形容詞):不打胰島素來強迫減肥而造成飲食失調的糖尿病患;糖尿病患不打胰島素來強迫減肥所造成的飲食失調的。

She is part of a recent wave of attention, activism, and research focused on type 1 diabetics who restrict their insulin for weight control....

In fact, there was no formal name for the dual diagnosis until three years ago, when an international group recommended "Eating Disorders-Diabetes Mellitus Type 1."

Patients and the media have embraced a catchier label: diabulimia.
—Marie McCullough, "How to treat 'diabulimics': Diabetics with eating disorders," The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 27, 2011

According to a University of Toronto study, teenage girls with diabetes are twice as likely to develop eating disorders. "Diabulimia," Mercer explains, "is characterized by a person with diabetes who is intentionally skipping insulin therapy to keep blood glucose levels elevated, which in turn causes dangerous weight loss."
—Julia McKinnell, "When to reveal your insulin pump," Maclean's October 27, 2011