(名詞) 民眾齊聚在一起集體向某重視環保的商店採購商品以示支持該商店的活動或事件。亦寫成 carrot mob
carrotmobber (n.):參與這種活動或事件的人。
carrotmobbing (動名詞):這種活動或事件。

顯然地,這個字中的 carrot 是來自成語 carrot and stick (胡蘿蔔棍棒並用;軟硬兼施;恩威並濟) 的 carrot 概念,亦即以獎勵 (reward) 代替抵制 (boycott),讓商家獲得實質的利益,因而更加重視環保。

Forget sticks, and stick with carrots instead. So says Brent Schulkin, founder of a fledgling movement of activist consumers employing a kind of reverse boycott that he calls a carrotmob. The concept is simple: instead of steering clear of environmentally backward stores, why not reward businesses with mass purchases if they promise to use some of the money to get greener?
—Jeremy Caplan, "Shoppers, Unite! Carrotmobs Are Cooler than Boycotts," Time, May 15, 2009