(名詞) 在街頭停車地點臨時設置的小公園。亦寫成或叫做 micro-parkmicro parkparklet

In 2011, Mr. Gemignani had bamboo flooring, tables, brightly colored cafe chairs and dwarf fig and olive trees installed on a platform that extends from the curb over the pavement. In this way, the parking spots are transformed into a micro park, or parklet. Since then, the Slice House's business has quadrupled, he says.
—Claire Martin, "When the Parking Space Becomes a Park," The New York Times, January 10, 2015

Buses, bicycles, even microparks are competing for the curbsides of Seattle, where the city is outgrowing 20th-century traditions of on-street parking.
—Mike Lindblom, "Seattle's street parking vanishes as bus and bike lanes boom," The Seattle Times, February 14, 2015