last name effect

(名詞) 姓氏效應:一個人的姓氏越接近英文 26 個字母後面的字母,他或她 (女性是以娘家姓而非夫姓作為判斷依據) 越快做出購物決定。

E-mails were sent out to adults offering them $500 to participate in a survey. Average response time was between six and seven hours. The same negative correlation between response time and alphabetic rank was observed, but only when the researchers looked at the names the respondents were born with. When Carlson and Conard looked at married names or names changed for some other reason, the correlation dwindled to insignificance. This, they conclude, demonstrates that the "last name effect" derives from "a childhood response tendency." Only people who grew up with a name at the back of the alphabet demonstrated truly Pavlovian responses to the $500 offer.
—Timothy Noah, "Tyranny of the Alphabet," Slate, January 28, 2011

The last-name effect is a continuum, researchers found. So a Rodriguez will buy quicker than a Garcia. Those with last names in the middle of the alphabet make purchases with middling speed.
—Gregory Karp, "It's academic!," Chicago Tribune, February 18, 2011