World's biggest potato/世界最大的馬鈴薯

An amateur gardener has grown the world’s biggest potato.

The prize potato, grown by Peter Glazebrook, tips the scales at a whopping 8lbs 4oz (3.76kg), smashing the previous world record by 9oz.

The vegetable, Peter’s Kondor variety, was put on show at the National Gardening Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

It is not the first time Mr Glazebrook, 66, from Northampton, has hit the headlines.

The retired chartered surveyor has previously held the world record for the longest carrot, after producing a 17-foot long specimen.

He has also been the double Guinness World Record holder for the heaviest parsnip, at 13lb, and the longest beetroot at 21ft.

Speaking before his latest triumph, he said: "The secret to success is starting with the right seed."

"It’s learning how to grow them and putting a lot of effort in and picking up tips from other growers and reading what you can about it."

The potato was weighed at the show’s Giant Vegetable Competition and Mr Glazebrook is now awaiting verification from Guinness World Records. (Telegraph)


amateur -- (adj.) 業餘的。

gardener -- (n.) 園丁。

prize -- (adj.) 第一流的;頭號的。例如:She always does something silly; she's a prize fool. (她老是做蠢事,她真是天下第一號大傻瓜)。

tip the scale(s) -- (phr.) 稱起來重為 (多少),重 (多少),有 (多少) 重;與 at 連用,後接多少重量。

whopping -- (adj.) 巨大的。

smash -- (v.) 打破;粉碎;打碎。

put on show -- (phr.) 展覽中;展示中。

hit the headlines -- (phr.) 成了 (報紙或其他新聞媒體的) 頭條新聞。

surveyor -- (n.) 測量員;勘測員。

specimen -- (n.) 樣品,樣本。

verification -- (n.) 確認。