grow apart; grow away from; grow back; grow from; grow into; grow on/upon; grow out

grow apart
變得疏遠;(思想、感情、生活方式上) 有距離,產生分歧
We used to be good friends at school but have since grown apart.

grow away from +
與 (某人) 疏遠
I have grown away from many of the people I grew up with.

grow back
Nails grow back quickly after you cut them.

grow from +
Most international firms have grown from small family businesses.

grow into +
(小孩) 長得適合穿 (原來嫌大的衣服)
The jacket's a bit big, but she'll grow into it.

grow into +
She's grown into a beautiful woman.

grow into +
適應於;習慣於 (工作等)
It may seem difficult at first, but you will grow into the job.

grow on/upon
使 (某人) 越來越喜歡;慢慢或漸漸地使 (某人) 喜愛 (原先不喜歡的東西)
The painting has grown on me; I used to hate it.
The book started slowly and was a bit dull, but it has grown upon me.

grow out
(頭髮的染色或燙髮) 消失
I'm letting the perm grow out.