crowd mining

(名詞/現在分詞) 自大型社交資料庫提取或吸取有用的知識。亦寫成 crowd-mining

The six billion people on Earth are changing the biosphere so quickly that traditional ecological methods can't keep up. Humans, though, are acute observers of their environments and bodies, so scientists are combing through the text and numbers on the Internet in hopes of extracting otherwise unavailable or expensive information. It's more crowd mining than crowd sourcing.

Much of the pioneering work in this type of Internet surveillance has come in the public health field, tracking disease. Google Flu Trends, which uses a cloud of keywords to determine how sick a population is, tracks epidemiological data from the Centers for Disease Control.
—Alexis Madrigal, "Crawling the Web to Foretell Ecosystem Collapse," Wired Science, March 19, 2009