(形容詞) 群情激憤的 (帶有想要報復的含意)。亦寫成 torches-and-pitchforks; fiery-torches-and-pitchforks。通常與 crowd 或 mob 連用:torch-and-pitchfork crowd/mob ( 群情激憤的民眾)。

torch 和 pitchfork 的原義分別為「火把」和「乾草叉」。最近美國AIG的「肥貓」拿政府紓困的錢大分紅利,引發美國輿論一片譁然,群情激憤,就連總統歐巴馬亦出面大肆抨擊,氣得連講話也噎到。站長已多次在CNN和BBC的新聞報導中聽到 torch-and-pitchfork mob 這個詞,甚至有主播拿出一把實體的乾草叉揮舞著,做出呼籲 torch-and-pitchfork mob 攻向AIG的動作。

President-elect Obama has signaled his disinterest in show trials of the sort proposed by House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, D-Detroit. Obama argues persuasively that the new administration has bigger fish to fry, and better ways to let the world know there's a new sheriff in town.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president could pre-empt the torch-and-pitchfork crowd by issuing blanket pardons for Dick Cheney, ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others.
—Brian Dickerson, "Give Cheney, others immunity," Detroit Free Press, January 18, 2009

Before the game was over, the howls had begun. That Delhomme was able to walk out of the stadium on his own two feet Sunday is the first testament to his resilience, since the torch-and-pitchfork crowd hadn't gotten him yet.
—Darin Gantt, "'Bad night to have a bad night'," The Herald, January 12, 2009


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