placenta pill

(名詞) 胎盤丸:用產婦的胎盤所製成的藥丸並給該婦女服用來治療某些產後症狀。

The placenta pill was the brainchild of American Lynnea Shrief who formed the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network two years ago.
—"Would you take a pill made out of your own placenta? Midwife sells babies' afterbirth back to new mothers," Daily Mail, January 24, 2012

Anne Ferguson, mother of two, is one of those women. She prepares placenta pills by boiling, slicing and dehydrating the placenta and then pureeing what's left into a fine powder. The powder is capped in a small pill. This entire process is known as placenta encapsulation.
—"More Mothers Using Placenta Pill To Combat Postpartum Depression," CBS Miami, March 1, 2012