(名詞) 分散式阻斷金錢攻擊 -- 將一筆罰款或費用拆成許多筆小額電子款項來支付的伎倆或手段,尤其是當每筆付款所產生的交易成本大於該筆款項時。DDo$ 為 Distributed Denial of Dollars 的縮寫,而這個縮寫字是仿效駭客慣用攻擊伎倆之一的分散式阻斷服務 (Distributed Denial of Service, DDoS) 攻擊所創造的。

P2P-ers furious over the Pirate Bay case are being asked to get back at lawyers for the entertainment industry via the counter-intuitive route of ostensibly giving them money.

By sending very small amounts of money of 1 SEK ($0.13) to Danowsky & Partners, who brought the prosecution, through the Swedish web-based payment service internet-avgift, the ruse could make lawyers lose out after fees for the transaction are taken into account. The cunning so-called Distributed Denial of Dollars attack (DDo$) is apparently the brainchild of Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm.
—John Leyden, "Pirate-pursuing lawyers get DDo$ money transfer slap," The Register, May 12, 2009