PowerPoint Ranger

(名詞) 擅長製作 PowerPoint 簡報的軍官;PowerPoint 簡報製作優於或勝過他人的軍官。

Many members of the military should spend much of their time communicating information, but they should use all channels of communication in appropriate ways — and make sure that they are not just "PowerPoint Rangers."
—Peter Norvig and Stephen M. Kosslyn, "A Tool Only as Good As the User," The New York Times, April 27, 2010

Petraeus was America's first great digital general. He was the ultimate "PowerPoint Ranger" — the nickname given by military officers to colleagues adept at giving dazzling digital presentations overflowing with data, graphics and bullet points.
—William Doyle, "Must one lose a job over infidelity?," CNN Wire, November 18, 2012