(動名詞) 主題樂園化 - 在公共空間加入庸俗、膚淺或不真實的特徵。

The emergence of 'malled' shopping districts with private security guards, the huge expansion of gated communities, the spread of CCTV surveillance on the streets, and the general theme-parking and militarization of urban public space have all placed limits on civic mobility..., and hence civic freedom.
—Mimi Sheller, "Mobility, Freedom and Public Space" in The Ethics of Mobilities, Ashgate Publishing, November 1, 2008

He did it while taking a stand against gentrification, and against the theme-parking of history, by insisting that real people must continue to live, work, study and retire amid the historic plazas, palaces, museums and boutique hotels.
—David Montgomery, "Eusebio Leal: The man who would save Old Havana," The Washington Post, May 20, 2012