(名詞) 快速挑選商品就結帳離開的人。這些人因不喜歡購物或沒有太多時間購物,所以在購物挑選商品時往往未多加思考,拿到商品就快速結帳走人。
grab-and-go (動詞):快速挑選商品就結帳離開。

The clichés are that women shop, men buy. But when I went shopping with people — and I went shopping with a lot of men and women — I found that a lot of women are what men are supposed to be, which is the 'grab and goers,' who hate shopping. When a man spends hours and hours and hours online looking for the right cellphone or something like that, he's shopping. But the culture tends not to notice that.
—Lee Eisenberg quoted in Sarah Boesveld, "Q&A: Good news — it's okay to shop," The Globe and Mail, November 9, 2009