second screening

(動名詞/現在分詞) 用行動裝置來監看自己在電視或電影中所看到的事物並在社群網站發表相關留言。
second screener (名詞):用行動裝置來監看自己在電視或電影中所看到的事物並在社群網站發表相關留言的人。

She also pointed out that The Killing's being subtitled prevents viewers from "second screening", swapping smart-alecky comments about the unfolding drama on Twitter and other social media as they're watching — and so maybe makes them concentrate on the show that little bit harder, and draw more rewards from it.
—Keith Miller, "Fair Isle sweaters optional at the Hay Winter Weekend," The Telegraph, December 1, 2012

DCM, which is a joint venture between Odeon and Cineworld, wants to change the perception of what advertising at the cinema can offer and is testing a mobile app that encourages second screening.
—Mindi Chahal, "Blockbuster ads in a digital age," Marketing Week, December 6, 2012