move down; move in; move in on; move into; move on; move out; move towards; move up

move * down +
He was finding the course too difficult so they moved him down.

move in
搬進來;搬來 (和某人一塊住)
The house was empty for ages, but some new tenants moved in a few weeks ago.
He's moving in with his friends from college.

move in on +
向 (某人或某物) 逼近
The police are beginning to move in on their principal suspects.

move into +
They moved into the house as soon as it was ready.

move on
變換 (話題或工作)
She moved on to another company where the salary was considerably better.

move * on +
(使) 走開,(使) 離開,(使) 不要逗留
The police moved the crowd on because they were holding up the traffic.

move out
She's tired of living there and is moving out.

move * out +
The president said they would move the troops out next year.

move out
I moved out to overtake the bus.

move towards
為 (某事) 做準備;準備做 (某事)
The government are moving towards free elections.

move up
(為騰出空間而) 挪動、靠攏
Could you move up and let me sit down?

move * up
They moved her up to senior management.