brighten up; bring about; bring along; bring around/round; bring back; bring down; bring forth; bring forward; bring in; bring off

brighten up
(天氣) 轉晴,放晴;變得陽光燦爛
The day started cloudy but brightened up in the afternoon.

brighten up
He brightened up when he heard the news.

brighten * up +
We tried to brighten the place up by painting it.

bring * about +
Democracy brought about great change in the lives of the people.
The changes to the law were brought about by the government because so many people were ignoring the old one.

bring * along +
把 (某人或某物) 帶來
You can bring your friends along if you like.

bring * along +
促使 (某人或某物) 發展;幫助...發展
Her coach has brought her along a lot in the last six months.

bring * around/round
說服 (某人);使 (某人) 信服
It took me ages to bring him around/round to my point of view.

bring * around/round +
把 (某物) 帶來 (尤指帶到某人家中或約定的地方)
He brought some books around/round when he came last night.

bring * around/round
引入 (新話題);改變 (話題、討論內容等)
He didn't want to discuss the details, but I managed to bring him around/round and he told me everything.

bring * back +
Visiting my old school brought back memories of when I was a pupil there.

bring * back +
He took the calculator home yesterday and hasn't brought it back yet.

bring * down +
使 (政府或政客) 垮台
The vote of no-confidence brought the government down.

bring * down +
The improvements in technology have brought the prices of computers down considerably in recent months.

bring * forth +
The prosecution brought forth a lot of evidence against him.

bring forth +
The report has brought forth a lot of criticism of the policy.
Her letter to the paper brought forth a flood of supportive comments.

bring * forth +
取出 (某物)
She brought forth the diary and showed it to us.

bring * forward
The meeting has been brought forward to this Friday instead of next week because some people couldn't make it then.

bring in +
The job brings in two thousand dollars a month.

bring * off +
成功完成 (困難的事);(好不容易) 做成
You robbed the bank! I can't believe you brought that off.
If they can bring off the deal, they'll be able to retire.