(名詞) 智慧型眼鏡 - 具有許多個人電腦功能和配備的眼鏡。這些功能和配備包括上網、App、顯示器、照相機、感應器以及 Wi-Fi 和 GPS 天線。亦寫成 smart glasses

Tony Fadell, ex-head of Apple's iPod division, said the concept was "the craziest thing" he worked on at the company and claimed to have made "a bunch" of prototypes well before Google took its smartglasses to market earlier this year.
—Ben Riley-Smith, "Apple 'has been developing iGlasses since 2006'," The Telegraph, September 24, 2013

"People are taking about wearables and connected vehicles, meaning that Korean firms are positioned to spur innovation in these industries. Companies are rolling out smartwatches and smartglasses. Without customized displays and chips, those advanced devices are meaningless."
—Kim Yoo-chul, "Samsung, LG lead innovation," The Korea Times, January 12, 2014