war texting

(動名詞) 使用簡訊來入侵遠端系統 (如汽車或 GPS 追蹤裝置)。亦寫成 war-texting, wartexting
war texter (名詞):使用簡訊來入侵遠端系統的人。

With the Zoombak device, Bailey was able to discover the tracking devices, profile them, using what he calls "war texting," to intercept their location. Zoombak uses a Web 2.0 interface that provides a map showing the GPS-equipped person or payload's physical location. The devices receive commands via SMS text messages.
—Kelly Jackson Higgins, "Weaponizing GPS Tracking Devices," Dark Reading, April 22, 2011

Researchers at iSec Partners, a cybersecurity consultancy, have shown how a car's wireless connections can be exploited, using a technique known as war texting, to break into a vehicle. Continuing to gather information about a car and maintain a two-way connection, some might argue, may leave owners vulnerable to new threats.
—John R. Quain, "Changes to OnStar's Privacy Terms Rile Some Users," The New York Times, September 22, 2011