level up; level with; light out

level * up +
使 (收入等) 提高到同一水平;提高...至同一水平;使提高到同一平面
some of the pictures need leveling up. (有些圖片需要對齊)
The government has leveled up gambling taxes. (政府已把賭博稅調高到同一水平)
This approach has leveled standards up across the sector. (這個方法已提升了業界的水準)

level * up +
(電腦遊戲人物或角色的) 升級,提升技能等級
You can level up the hero in the game. (你可以在遊戲中提升這個英雄的技能等級)
Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know on how to level up your characters quickly. (你需要知道的所有有關如何快速提升角色技能等級的訣竅和技巧都在這裡)

level with +
告知 (某人) 真相;對 (某人) 說實話
I'll level with you - the salary's not particularly good, and there's little chance of promotion. (我跟你實話實說 - 工資不太高,也沒有什麼升遷機會)
Please level with me: What are my chances of success? (請老實告訴我:我成功的機會有多大?)

light out
He lit out for home. (他匆匆回家了)