(名詞) 男性緊身褡 (穿起來讓男性顯得比較瘦的內衣)。這個字是由 man + girdle (緊身褡) 拼綴而成。

Precision pouch. The waist eliminator. The Saxx package separator. Ab control tank. This is the language of selling body-shaping underwear to men.

What you must not do is call them girdles (or the more gender-specific mirdles), supportwear or even shapewear.
—Fiona Smith, “What’s under your colleague’s suit?,” Australian Financial Review, July 4, 2014

It’s only since men have become increasingly visible half-naked in underwear commercials, horny clothing line ads, firefighter calendars, and the lot that men have begun to face mounting pressure to conform to exacting standards of physical appeal.

Thus, we’ve witnessed the growth of shapewear for men, including the mirdle (a girdle for men), over the past decade.
—Craig Takeuchi, “What happens when men try on shapewear,” The Georgia Straight, August 15, 2014