(名詞) 安全論;安全主義:一種將國家安全訂為最高原則及首要目標的政治哲學或意識型態。cf. libertarianism (自由論;自由主義)。
securitarian (adj.):安全論的;安全主義的。

However, Rafsanjani's disqualification was more surprising and the decision to block him confirms that the Islamic Republic has set the priority to a securitarian rule over a theocratic one.
—Milad Jokar, "Election in Iran: Rafsanjani's Disqualification Anchors the Islamic Republic in Securitarianism," The Huffington Post, May 28, 2013

You may object that libertarian securitarianism is more than a bit of an oxymoron, but that's the point. We live in a time of conflicting impulses. Our characteristic self-indulgence is the thought that we can have a sustainable society that maxes out both liberty and security.
—Peter Augustine Lawler, "Campus Security," The Weekly Standard, December 25, 2014