Solid gold and gem-encrusted £140,000 mobile phone/售價680萬台幣的純金寶石外殼手機

The mobile phone is £140,000
A solid gold and gem-encrusted mobile phone that is worth tens of thousands of pounds has been unveiled.

British designer Stuart Hughes, 38, is to make only 10 sets of the exclusive Privé Phones, which cost £140,000 each.

The phones each weigh 900 grams but are cast with solid 22-carat gold.

Each handset will feature modern phone technology, including internet access, text messaging and colour screens and the ability to watch mp4 videos.

But extra features include an adornment of 76 flawless diamonds and original granite packaging, marked with the number on the limited edition phone.

The phones are eight inches long and three inches wide with an aerial measuring almost four inches.

They weigh a hefty 1,380 grams and include an ion battery that lasts for up to a week. (Daily Telegraph)


solid -- (adj.) 純的。solid gold:純金;solid silver:純銀。

encrusted -- (adj.) 有…硬殼的。solid gold and gem-encrusted mobile phone:有純金和寶石外殼的手機;a jewel-encrusted box:有珠寶外殼的盒子。

mobile phone -- (n.) 手機。亦叫做 cell phone, cellphone。

unveil -- (v.) (新聞用語) 將…公諸於眾;公布。

exclusive -- (adj.) 高檔的;高級的。

handset -- (n.) 手機。與 mobile phone 和 cellphone 同義。

internet access -- (n.) 上網。

text messaging -- (n.) 傳簡訊。

mp4 video -- (n.) mp4 影片。

adornment -- (n.) 裝飾;裝飾品。

flawless -- (adj.) 無瑕疵的,完美的。

original granite packaging -- (n.) 原廠花崗石包裝。

limited edition -- (n.) 限量;限量版。

aerial -- (n.) 天線。aerial 是英式英語,美式英語的天線叫做 antenna。

hefty -- (adj.) 重的;壯的。

ion battery-- (n.) 鋰電池。這款鋰電池待機可達一個禮拜 (lasts for up to a week)。