3D fatigue

(名詞) 3D 疲勞症:使用特殊眼鏡觀看 3D 影片所造成的眼睛疲勞 (eyestrain)、頭痛和噁心 (nausea) 等症狀。亦寫成 3-D fatigue

It appears entertainment can be bad for our health. A UC Berkeley vision scientist is calling attention to what he calls “3D fatigue.” His research shows [that] if 3D movies or television is done badly, it strains the viewer’s eyes. (ABC News, 24 Feb. 2010)

Viewers are also likely to be concerned about health problems, particularly the so-called “3D fatigue” caused by viewers’ eyes becoming tired. Manufacturers claim new technology has eliminated such problems. (Daily Mail, 11 Mar. 2010)