frugal fatigue

(名詞) 經濟困頓時期因經常性的節衣縮食、省吃儉用所造成的心力交瘁、身心俱疲。亦寫成 frugality fatigue

[I]t seems that after a year of watching our wallets, bank accounts, and 401(k) plans with the tenacity of a wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart in an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, some are throwing up their hands, taking out their credit cards, and wading back into pre-recession spending habits. The official term for this behavior is frugal fatigue. It started creeping into the lexicon last spring, and now frugal fatigue — the idea that we're getting worn down and stressed out by constantly watching our budgets — may as well be an officially diagnosed psychiatric disorder.
—Christopher Muther, "Fighting frugal fatigue," The Boston Globe, November 19, 2009