(名詞) 聰明人做傻事的毛病:儘管有足夠的智慧,但在某些情況中仍會有不理性 (irrational) 想法或做出不理性行為的現象。
dysrational (形容詞):聰明人做傻事的;有聰明人做傻事之毛病的。

In 1994, Stanovich began comparing people's scores on rationality tests with their scores on conventional intelligence tests. What he found is that they don't have a lot to do with one another. On some tasks, there is almost a complete dissociation between rational thinking and intelligence. You might, for example, think more rationally than someone much smarter than you. Likewise, a person with dysrationalia is almost as likely to have higher than average intelligence as he or she is to have lower than average intelligence.
—Kurt Kleiner, "Why Smart People Do Stupid Things," University of Toronto Magazine, June 1, 2009