cross off; cross out; cross up; cruise through; crumb down; cry off; cry out; cut across; cut back; cut back on

cross * off +
劃掉,刪去 (名單上的項目)
She crossed him off her Christmas card list after they argued.
The children say their names, and you cross them off.

cross * out +
(在書寫中) 給...打叉,給...劃道線;劃掉
She crossed out her mistakes and wrote the correct answers above them.
Just cross out the old address.

cross * up
The treasure map was deliberately drawn to cross us up.

cruise through +
輕易通過 (考試等);(在比賽中) 輕鬆獲勝
He cruised through the exam.

crumb down
(餐廳、咖啡店等) 清理餐桌
The waiter crumbed down before the coffee was served.

cry off +
I've got to work tonight; can I cry off going out for dinner?

cry out
(疼痛時或在吃驚或擔心時) 大叫,大聲喊叫
He cried out when he dropped the box on his toes.

cut across +
抄近路穿過 (某個地方)
It'll be quicker if we cut across the park.
We cut across the field to save time.

cut across +
影響到 (兩個或多個不同的群體、階層等)
The issue cuts across social backgrounds as it affects us all equally. (這問題的影響跨越了社會背景;它對每個人都有影響)
These problems cut across class boundaries. (這些問題是跨界影響的)

cut * back +
The firm cut back production because sales were sluggish.

cut back on +
削減 (開銷、開支、支出)
The government has decided to cut back on spending on the armed forces.