cut down; cut down on; cut in; cut in on; cut it out; cut off

cut * down +
I'm trying to cut down the amount of coffee I drink during the day.

cut * down +
A lot of soldiers were cut down by enemy fire as they stormed the airport.

cut * down +
The logger cut the tree down.

cut * down +
改小 (衣物);縮短 (寫作、文章等)
I could cut your mother's skirt down for the girl.
Your article needs to be cut down to fit into the book.

cut * down +
The factory's production has been cut down.

cut down on +
You need to cut down on your fat intake.
Doctors advised her to cut down on the amount of saturated fats in her diet.

cut in
A car cut in and nearly caused an accident.

cut in
We were having a conversation when he came up and cut in.
She suddenly cut in and delivered the news.

cut in
(機器設備必要時) 自動啟動
The cooling system cuts in when the temperature gets too high.

cut * in on +
讓 (某人) 分享利益;讓 (某人) 分一杯羹
We had to cut the police in on the deal to avoid trouble. (我們不得不讓警方參與這筆交易分一杯羹,以避免麻煩)
They wouldn't cut me in on the deal. (他們不願讓我參與這項交易)

cut in on +
She cut in on the conversation and delivered the news.

cut it/that out
住手;(叫某人) 停止做 (你不喜歡的某事)
Will you two idiots cut it out and keep quiet?

cut * off
打斷 (談話);切斷 (電話)
She cut him off before he said something he would regret later.
The telephone's been cut off because we didn't pay the bill.

cut * off +
(用刀等) 割掉,切掉,剪掉
His finger was accidentally cut off in an industrial accident.

cut * off +
The heavy snow has blocked many roads and cut off a number of villages.