touch down; touch for; touch off; touch on/upon; touch up; toy at; toy over; toy with; track down; trade down

touch down
(飛機) 降落,著陸
The plane touched down at Narita airport an hour late.

touch * for
向 (某人) 借錢,向 (某人) 要錢
I touched him for some cash as I'd forgotten my cards.

touch * off +
The government's decision touched off riots in the capital.

touch on/upon +
The presidential candidates touched on the subject of health care during the debates.

touch * up +
潤色,修飾 (畫、照片、文章等)
Touch up the paint before you try and sell the house.

touch * up
She got angry when he tried to touch her up in the elevator.

toy at +
She toyed at getting them to help her but then did it alone.

toy over +
I toyed over the idea for a while, but decided not to go ahead with it.

toy with +
撥弄 (盤中食物)
It was horrible, so I just toyed with the food.

toy with +
We toyed with the idea of moving to the country, but it isn't really practical.

toy with +
(因緊張而) 撥弄
He toyed with the stem of his glass as he spoke.

track * down +
(長時間追尋後) 追蹤到,追查到,發現到 (某人);追查出 (某事)
It took me ages to track them down in the crowd at the football game.

trade down
Their house is too large now that their children have left home, so they're going to trade down to a smaller one.