pick up after; pick up on; pick yourself up; pig out; pile up; pin down; pin on; pin up

pick up after +
I always have to pick up after him because he leaves things all over the office.

pick up on +
My teacher picks up on any mistake I make and corrects me.

pick up on +
He's very quick to pick up on new trends.

pick up on +
The government has picked up on the reports in the media.

pick up on +
I'd like to pick up on the point that John made.

pick yourself up
It took him a long time to pick himself up after his wife left him.

pig out
The food was great, so I really pigged out.

pile * up +
(使) 堆積,(使) 積壓
The child piled up the bricks until they fell over.

pin * down +
要 (某人) 做出決定,要 (某人) 表態,要 (某人) 採取行動,要 (某人) 遵守 (諾言)
I've asked him to set a date, but he's a hard man to pin down and won't give a definite answer.

pin * down +
確切說明 (某事物) 的性質,明確說明 (某事物);查明,認出 (某人或某事物)
The government can't pin down where the leak came from.

pin * on
把 (罪責、責任等) 加在 (某人) 身上
The police tried to pin the crime on him.

pin * up +
把 (某物) (用針、別針等) 固定在牆壁或其他垂直表面上
I pinned the notice up on the board.