tofu concrete

(名詞) 豆腐水泥:僅放置少數鋼筋或放置較小號鋼筋或混雜樹枝和其他雜物的水泥。豆腐水泥蓋建而成的房屋、橋樑及其他建築物遇上地震或颱風往往不堪一擊,應聲斷裂倒地。當然,這大多是官商勾結、偷工減料的結果。

The bodies of thousands of dead children were dragged from the rubble of Sichuan schools built on a base of what the Chinese call “tofu” concrete, chicken wire and unforgivable corruption, as builders grew wealthy producing what amounted to death traps.
—James McGregor, " China's dirty little secret in the global economic crisis," Forbes, March 18, 2009