pull away; pull back; pull down; pull for; pull in; pull off; pull on; pull out; pull over; pull through

pull away
(車輛或司機) 開走,駛出 (某地方)
Just as I was pulling away from the parking place, another car crashed into mine.

pull * back +
扳回 (在足球比賽中落後時進球)
They were two-nil down until five minutes before the end, when they pulled back a goal.

pull * back +
(軍隊) 撤退,撤回
They have pulled the troops back from the front line.

pull back
They pulled back from the deal.

pull back
She pulled back when he tried to kiss her.

pull * down +
He pulls down about $300,000 a year.

pull * down +
They pulled the old cinema down to build a new shopping mall.

pull * down +
使 (某人) 沮喪
Losing her job pulled her down.

pull for +
Who will you be pulling for in the final?

pull in
(火車) 進站,到站
The train pulled in and we rushed to meet her as she got off.

pull in
(駛向路邊或建築物旁邊) 停車
Mark pulled in too quickly and crashed into the wall.
I pulled in to let the passengers out.

pull * in +
The program pulled in 3.6 million viewers.

pull * in +
逮捕 (某人) 或將 (某人) 帶回警局偵訊
The police pulled them in after the trouble.

pull * off +
成功做成 (某件困難或棘手的事)
No one thought that she would be able to do it, but she pulled it off in the end.

pull off
(車、船等) 駛離
When the lights turned green, the car pulled off.
The boat pulled off from the shore.

pull * on +
(尤指迅速地) 穿上,戴上
I pulled on a jumper when the sun went in.

pull out
(火車) 離站
Our train pulls out at 8:00, so don't be late.
The train was pulling out when I got there.

pull out
(車輛或司機) 開出;(車輛) 超車開到或插在 (別車) 前面
The traffic was so bad that it took me ages to pull out.
She just pulled out in front of me without indicating.

pull out
The project was going badly and they decided to pull out.

pull * out +
(軍隊) 撤退,撤離
People want the government to pull the troops out.

pull * over +
(車輛或司機) 停靠 (在路邊)
The police pulled the car over.

pull * over +
(警察命令駕駛人把車) 開到路邊
The police pulled the car over and tested the driver for alcohol.

pull through
從 (疾病、負傷等) 康復;恢復健康
I didn't think she was going to make it, but she pulled through in the end.
Don't worry. Your dad's going to pull through.

pull * through +
He said the support of his fans had pulled him through.
A gift of money from the government pulled the theater company through their money troubles.