pal about/around; pay down; phone in; pick apart; pine for

pal about/around
We palled about at university. (在大學時我們打成一片)
The crown prince used to pal around with the president's son-in-law. (王儲過去經常和總統的女婿打成一片)

pay * down +
John plans to live at home while he pays down his student loan. (約翰計畫在償還學生貸款期間住在家裡)
The Brazilian government can't pay down the national debt. (巴西政府無法分期償還國債)

phone in (= call in)
打電話到工作的地方 (報告某事);來電參與 (電視台或電台的) 節目
Allen phoned in sick this morning. (艾倫今天早上打電話到公司請病假)
Over 200 people phoned in to complain. (200多人打電話到節目表達不滿)

pick * apart
挑剔,批評;對 (某事) 吹毛求疵
The manager frequently picked my work apart. (經理常常挑我工作上的毛病)

pine for +
渴望得到 (某物);苦苦思念 (某人)
All the students pine for a better future. (所有學生都渴望有一個美好的未來)
Tom's still pining for his ex-girlfriend. (湯姆還在苦苦思念著他的前女友)