call laundering

(動名詞) 隱藏打電話者的身份或打難以追蹤的電話。

The plans also target how calls are routed because phantom traffic often avoids detection by being sent to a tandem that isn't intended to handle the call under industry routing practices, a process that USTelecom Gen. Counsel James Olson said can be an innocent error or intentional "call laundering."
—"Telecom Industry Urges FCC to Act on Phantom Traffic," Communications Daily, February 23, 2006

Telemarketers increasingly are disguising their real identities and phone numbers to provoke people to pick up the phone. "Humane Soc." may not be the Humane Society....

Regulators in Wisconsin and many other states are hearing a significant jump in complaints about what is often called "caller ID spoofing" or "call laundering."
—Matt Richtel, "Who's on the Line? Increasingly, Caller ID Is Duped," The New York Times, November 22, 2011