(動詞) 逆向騎腳踏車 (ride a bicycle against traffic)。亦寫成 bike salmon, salmon bike
salmoning (現在分詞/動名詞)
salmon (名詞)

And inevitably, many cyclists welcomed the battle, returning fire on the same terms. They paste their bikes with self- congratulatory stickers, brazenly "salmon" against oncoming traffic, flip birds and bang hoods.
—John Barber, "In the aftermath of tragedy, once more unto the breach," The Globe and Mail, November 11, 2011

I am not anarchic; I heed most traffic laws. I do not ride on the sidewalk (O.K., except for the final 25 feet between the curb cut and my front door, and then with caution). I do not salmon, i.e. ride against traffic.
—Randy Cohen, "If Kant Were a New York Cyclist," The New York Times, August 4, 2012