ghost bike

(名詞) 被漆成白色並鎖在或鍊在騎士被撞死之車禍現場附近的柵欄或電線桿的舊腳踏車。亦寫成 ghost bicycle, ghost cycle

Around the globe, all-white bikes are being chained to street signs near the sites of fatal accidents involving cyclists.

They are called ghost bikes — somber reminders of tragedy and intended as a quiet statement in support of a cyclist's right to safe travel, proponents say.
—Kevin Clerici, "Ghost bikes aim to honor fallen cyclists, raise awareness," Ventura County Star, May 23, 2011

Bob Shenton rolled up next to a blood-stained roadway with a bouquet of white flowers for a woman he did not know.

"I'm tired of ghost bikes and I'm tired of cyclists getting killed in this city," said the veteran cyclist.
—Natalie Alcoba, "Cyclist dies after being hit by a truck at Toronto intersection," National Post, November 7, 2011