data furnace

(名詞) 資料爐:安裝在家裡或辦公室來做為伺服器暨該建築物主要熱源 (heat source) 的電腦。這是 data furnace 的新義;這個片語較舊的意思是指提供網路、多媒體分享、保全、照明和電源管理等多種家用功能的家用電腦 (home computer)。

Then, there's this: Microsoft research suggests the possibility of "data furnaces," small server packages of consisting of tens or hundreds of processors engineered to plug into existing HVAC systems to contribute their excess thermal energy to the heating of air and water in the home.
—"With Scavenged Power And Data Furnaces, Finding Energy In Waste," Fast Company, July 28, 2011

Instead of fighting the heat they want to create data furnaces which will use the heat to heat homes and businesses. Their idea is to sell fully enclosed data furnaces much like a regular furnace. The data furnace would physically fit into a basement or closet and integrate into an existing duct system to distribute heat. Additionally, the data furnace would be connected to the Internet and be secured from tampering.
—Russell Hitchcock, "Data Furnaces," Windows Networking, September 8, 2011