small data

(名詞) 個人或小公司所產生的資料。

註:既然有 small data,當然也有 big data !後者意為「需要特殊技術來儲存、搜尋和分析的大量資料」。

Small data is something else again. Think of all the digital tidbits consumers leave in their paths as they go through the day. Credit card payments, location fixes, newsletter signups, Facebook likes, tweets and Web searches. As Deborah Estrin stated at TEDMED 2013, "Small data are derived from our individual digital traces. We generate these data because most of us mediate or at least accompany our lives with mobile technologies. As a result, we all leave a 'trail of breadcrumbs ' behind us with our digital service providers, which together create our digital traces."
—Eric Lundquist, "'Small Data' Analysis the Next Big Thing, Advocates Assert," eWeek, September 10, 2013

Throughout the two days I found myself constantly presented with new ideas — of course, many of these were not new at all, just new for me to think about. So when Richard Nash talked about "small data" (metadata about you: your cookies, your web search history, your Amazon clicks, and so on), I knew it was an old topic, but he brought new life to it in a way that made me suddenly start to care.
—David Blatner, "A Report from Books in Browsers 2014, Part 2," CreativePro, November 17, 2014