(名詞) 對黑人女性的憎恨、蔑視或偏見。這個字是由 misogyny (厭惡女性) + noir (黑) 拼綴而成。
misogynoirism (名詞):厭惡和仇視黑人女性的心態、論調、主張等;misogynoirist (名詞);厭惡和仇視黑人女性的人。

Even further, in its two-to-three-sentence exposition about the sexual violence inflicted upon the Black female body, "Cops and Robbers" fashions women as mere accessories. Reference to the brutality is ornamental detail used to startle, shock and jar the audience. With no mention of the trauma that accompanies such abuse it's clear that the play's misogynoir had purely instrumental value.
—Mysia Anderson, "'Cops and Robbers'," The Stanford Daily, November 12, 2014

Recalling the social media whirlpool of anguish after Michelle Obama's jubilant, self-affirming speech of black womanhood at BET's Black Girls Rock event last month — cries of reverse racism and even a #metoo hashtag that proclaimed #whitegirlsrock — it's obvious that America is past-due for getting over its centuries of misogynoir.
—Sierra Mannie, "Harriet Tubman On the $20 Bill Is Chump Change," Time, May 13, 2015