(名詞) 網路上引人注目、讓行動裝置用戶停下拇指滑動螢幕的動作來仔細檢視的文章或物品。

This is known, in Facebook land, as a "thumbstopper." And thus, the great promise of the digitial [sic] revolution is realized: The best minds of our generation are obsessed with manipulating the movement of your thumb on a smartphone touch-screen.
—Andrew Leonard, "How Mark Zuckerberg sells snake oil," Salon, August 4, 2014

Logic would suggest that thumbstoppers are much easier to accomplish with big consumer brands like Oreos, McDonalds, and Wendy's because there's a wider audience of cookie and hamburger lovers than there are krill oil aficionados.
—Bryan Evans, "Fishy Facebook Campaign Gets Users To Stop Scrolling," Business 2 Community, August 6, 2014