shadow flipping

(名詞) 房屋仲介一屋多賣的行徑。亦叫做 dark flipping

Earlier on Monday the B.C. NDP’s housing critic called for an inquiry into Metro Vancouver’s real estate market over the technique known as shadow flipping, under which sales contracts are reassigned, in some instances multiple times, before the sale of a home is closed.
—“Real Estate Council of B.C. to investigate shadow flipping of Vancouver homes,” CBC News, February 8, 2016

Some Metro Vancouver real estate agents have allegedly been involved in “shadow flipping,” or selling a property multiple times before a closing date. As a result, the final price rises by hundreds of thousands and the agent collects commission on each sale.
—Laura Kane, “B.C. premier tells real estate industry to act on allegations facing some agents,” The Vancouver Sun, February 9, 2016