(名詞) 追蝕族 (eclipse-chaser);對日蝕有強烈興趣的人。這個字是由拉丁字 umbra (shadow, shade -- 陰影) 和 -phile (愛好...的人) 拼綴而成。

umbraphile 也稱為 eclipsoid 或 eclipsomaniac,而前往日蝕或月蝕主要出現地點觀蝕的人亦叫做 eclipse-chaser。日蝕:solar eclipse 日全蝕:total solar eclipse 月蝕:lunar eclipse 月偏蝕:partial lunar eclipse

Commodities trader Rick Brown is an umbraphile. That neologism, coined by astronomer Glenn H Schneider, describes someone "addicted to the glory and majesty of total solar eclipses."
—David Gura, "On Sunday, 'Umbraphiles' Will Watch Total Solar Eclipse From 39,000 Feet," NPR, July 8, 2010

A growing number of eclipse-chasers, or umbraphiles, as they are also called, travel to the corners of the earth specifically to see total solar eclipses, and tour operators have sprung up to get them there. Beyond providing the thrill of standing on the moon's shadow, or umbra, an eclipse is often the centerpiece of a travel adventure in exotic climes.
—Christina Koukkos, "Eclipse Chasing, in Pursuit of Total Awe," The New York Times, May 17, 2009