turn off; turn on; turn out; turn over; turn to; turn up; type up

turn * off +
關掉 (電視、電燈、 收音機、水龍頭等),關閉 (設備)
Don't forget to turn off the iron before you leave the house.
I turned the TV off and went to bed.

turn on +
The pit bull suddenly turned on the small child.
The neighbor's dog turned on me when I tried to stroke it.

turn * on +
(在性方面) 使產生快感,刺激;激發...的性慾;使感興趣
Scientists have discovered that the smell of cinnamon turns many people on.
He's very nice, but he just doesn't turn me on.

turn * on +
打開 (電視、收音機 、電燈、水龍頭等),開啟 (設備)
Turn on the TV. The baseball game starts in a few minutes.
I turned the radio on to get the weather forecast.

turn * out +
The weavers can turn out two or three rugs a month.
The factory turns out three thousand units a day.

turn * out +
關掉 (電燈)
Turn out the light before you go to bed.

turn out
(去) 參加
Over 100,000 people turned out for the concert.

turn out
She turned out to be the murderer after all.
It looked as if we were going to fail, but it turned out well in the end.

turn * over +
交出;交給 (當局)
The court ordered the company to turn over their financial records.

turn to +
She had nobody to turn to when her husband died.

turn to +
He turned to drink after he lost his job.
He turned to drugs after his wife left him for another man.

turn up
(未經尋找而) 被找到,被發現
My keys turned up in the bedroom.

turn up (for)
She didn't turn up for class today.
She failed to turn up for work on Friday.

turn * up +
調高,開大 (聲音、溫度或亮度等)
I turned the music up full blast.

type * up +
把 (手寫稿) 打出來
She typed up her lecture notes and printed them out.
I need to type up my report.